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Aug 20, 2018 Windows 10 has a new Settings window for configuring printers, but you To change your printer's settings, head to either Settings > Devices .Change default printer via Command Prompt Step 1: Right-click on the Start button on the taskbar and then click Command Prompt open Command Prompt window. Note that you don’t need to open the Command Prompt as administrator. Step 2: At the Command Prompt window, type the following command.

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How to set a default printer in Windows 10 To choose a default printer, select the Start button and then Settings Go to Devices Printers scanners select a printer Manage. In Windows 10, your default can be the printer you last used. To turn on this mode, open Start and select Settings.2. Right-click the printer that you would like to change settings for, and select "Properties" from the menu that appears. 3. A tabbed window will open, displaying many settings that you can change. Note: Each printer has a different setup of this window, so for exact modification information, refer to your printer manual.

  1. You can change the printer driver settings in the Printer Properties dialog box and the Printing Preferences dialog box. [Printer Properties] (Windows 8/ Windows 10) Open the Control Panel. (Click here to see how to open the Control Panel.) Click Hardware and Sound = Devices and Printers.This major Windows 10 update introduced a new setting to change the default printer in Windows 10. When turned on, the default printer is the last used printer. For example: Click "Devices" in the Settings dialog; Make sure you are in the section "Printers scanners".

  2. Change the default print settings for all print jobs Search Windows for devices, and click Devices and Printers in the list of results. Right-click the printer icon () for your printer, and then select Printing preferences. Select your new default print settings (paper size, orientation, etc.).Select Set as default in the new window that opens. win10-settings-printer-manage-default.png. Now you can close the settings window by clicking the X in the .

  3. You can access the printer properties to view and change product settings. Do one of the following: Windows 10: Right-click and select Control Panel .Windows 10 For Dummies. If your computer has access to several printers, click the one that should receive the job. If you have a fax modem on your computer or network, click Fax to send your work as a fax through the Windows Fax and Scan program. The printer called Microsoft XPS Document Writer sends your work to a specially formatted.

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Learn about print job settings and how to change them in Windows.While letting Windows 10 change your default printer automatically can be a handy feature for many people, it’s not something for everyone. Fortunately, if your default printer keeps changing on Windows 10, you can quickly stop this behaviour and set only one printer as your default.